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    Uploading the solution files into Flex

      Prolem : Day 2 Exercise Creating Custom events and dispatching Data.
      I've gone through all the videos and exercises upto this exercise. When I check a checkbox the "Selected Options:" in the contact Information only reads "selection". and this toggles on/off regardless of what checkbox you check. I'm assuming it should read the label of what you have selected - I've gone over the code and can't work out where I have gone wrong.
      so a bit of a newbie question - if I want to download the solution and load the files into flex what is the best way ?(or is it cut and paste) I want to try and keep my original files so that I can compare.

      ps. loving the training videos/ exercises so far - good job
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          I would just make a new Flex Project, named "AdobeODT_temp" or so :)
          - right click in the Flex Navigator Window, choose import..
          - then select "General" > "Archive File" -> then browse to the zip file :)

          then you can simply view the other file & after you're finished, you can just delete that project :)

          or more simply, just unzip the file you downloaded, and open up the mxml file you want with notepad to compare :)

          carefully go over the pdf file again, you must have missed a little thing then..
          sounds like u got something wrong in this line possibly:
          var selection:String = event.target.label;

          good luck ;)
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            iandev Level 1

            Thanks for your help.
            I will give it a go - I'm sure it must be a simple typo somewhere - but I'll be damned if I could spot it.
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              The problem with downloading solution files from Adobe is that they are named AdobeODT in the zip file, so when I try to import the Flex Project, it says "A project with the same name already exists in your workspace. Rename or delete the existing project." When I tried to rename the MXML file, it created new files in the bin-debug folder but it also left remnant AdobeODT files in the bin-debug folder which had to be deleted. It still gave the same message when I tried to import the Flex Project.

              Here's what to do: First, in the Flex Navigator View, click the AdobeODT file folder (not the MXML file).
              Then go to File>Rename. Then you are able to Import the Solution file.