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    index.htm file

      I just made a simple change to an existing help file using RH7 and compiled it. However, when I use index.htm within the Webhelp folder to view the change, it shows the pre-changed help topic. What do I have to do to get the index.htm to show my changes correctly? Thanks!
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Are you referring to the generated output or the published location? Either way, check that you are looking at the correct location to ensure you are actually looking at the correct file. If you are, check the date stamp on the file.
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            MB_from_Cardinal Level 1

            I'm talking about the index.htm that is generated as part of Webhelp. The date/time stamp on the file is correct; it just won't pull up the updated help. :<

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              RoboColum(n) Level 5
              Can you clarify what you mean when you say the help won't "open"? Do you see the TOC/Index/Search etc. or is it the topic content you can't see? Also can you confirm whether you are talking about the generated or published output. There is a big difference.
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                RoboWizard Level 4
                Hi there MB

                I think there is a bit of confusion by your mention of index.htm. I'm guessing this is what you have elected to name your WebHelp start page. If so, that's a good habit!

                I think we need more information here. You are talking about changing something. Exactly what, we aren't sure. But then saying that you are looking inside a folder to see the change and not seeing it.

                So my question to you would be to ask if you have tried viewing the project by clicking the "View output" button presented to you when the WebHelp generation completes? Or are you instead opening Windows Explorer and browsing to some location in order to view? My guess is that it's the latter. And that could be the whole issue. You are generating to one location and viewing from another.

                Cheers... Rick
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                  I've had this too, opening FF or IE, clearing the cache and then loading the findex.htm file may give the right result.
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                    Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                    Hi all

                    I'm not sure if IE supports this feature or not. But one of my favorite features of Firefox is the ability to configure it so that when you close it down, it empties the cache. At least it works that way in my Version 2. Then it's as simple as restarting the browser.

                    Cheers... Rick
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                      MB_from_Cardinal Level 1
                      Okay, let me try to be more clear. First, when I generate the help system and click the View Output option, the changes display correctly. So I know the help has been changed properly.

                      I would like to zip the Webhelp output, along with the index.htm file, and send it to the user for his review, prior to publishing. The index.htm file is not my start page. It's a file that RH creates at the root of the Webhelp output. When I double-click this file, it brings up the front page of my help, along with the TOC/Index/Search. However, when I navigate to the pages I've changed, I don't see the changes. The index.htm file is in the Webhelp I have just generated, as confirmed by the date/time stamp.

                      How do I clear the cache w/in IE? Maybe that's the problem. Thanks for your help, everyone!

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                        Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
                        Go the wizard that generates the help and look in the first field. What is the name of the file at the end of the path shown there?

                        Are you clear on the difference between the default topic and the start page? Sorry but has to be asked.

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                          MB_from_Cardinal Level 1
                          I need to make a correction....the index.htm file IS the default help topic. I didn't realize this because I'm in the Topic Title view, and the title is different. That makes me more perplexed. Why would the help system's own default topic be pointing to the LAST version of the help? Frustrating...
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                            Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                            Hi again

                            Curiouser and curiouser. You say you are opening Index.htm, but say that's not the WebHelp start page. But you go on to say that it is included in your WebHelp. Sooo, is this a page you are including that has a redirect in it that allows opening the WebHelp start page?

                            Or is it more the issue here that you don't know the difference between the WebHelp Start page and the Default Topic?

                            WebHelp start page opens the WebHelp system while the Default Topic is simply the first topic that appears in the Topic Pane.

                            Cheers... Rick
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                              MB_from_Cardinal Level 1

                              You're right, I didn't know the difference between the start and default pages...now I do, thanks to you. After looking again at the files, I've found a file (which is named after the name of the help system) that has the right date/time stamp and brings up the default help topic with TOC/Index, and this one DOES display the changes I've made.
                              So when I inherit a help file, how do I know what the start page is? (I didn't see it listed in the help Properties.)

                              One other question, you mentioned a page that has a redirect in it to open the start page. I've discovered that the Index.htm topic is such a page. What is this used for or when would I use it?

                              Thanks so much!
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                                Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                                Hi again

                                First off, my apologies to my fellow Adobe Community Expert Peter. I see he popped in probably about the same time I was replying. His post to the thread shows you were to find the page in RoboHelp.

                                Now for the redirect and why it may be there. We may as well face it, WebHelp output is really a Web Site. Albeit one with a special purpose. Many RoboHelp users are unaware of the ways a Web Site works when it exists on a Web Server. Lets say you have a folder that was provided by your Web Admin folks for you to store files. Sure, you could generate a WebHelp system named MyHelp and plop all the content into the folder. This would mean you have a MyHelp.HTM page that opens the WebHelp system.

                                Now lets say that someone knows that your output exists in the following location: http://www.mysite.com/mywebapp/help

                                If they simply typed that URL into the address bar of the browser and pressed Enter, they would more than likely see a list of files in the folder. But if you had a file named index.htm, the Web Browser would see it and immediately display it.

                                So someone probably created a redirect page called index.htm. And what it probably does is to redirect to MyHelp.htm (assuming my fictitious name earlier). This would allow you to call the WebHelp start page anything you like and have it still work.

                                Hopefully this made some sense... Rick
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                                  MB_from_Cardinal Level 1
                                  I feel like I've learned a great deal...you guys rock!

                                  Thanks very much,
                                  Mary Beth