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    The worst customer service available? Adobe wins, hands down!

    TreacleLtd Level 1

      I have had the worst day dealing with Adobe. My account was cancelled due to an administrative error (an error one customer service person admitted to) so I can not open the software to continue my work, deadlines looming.


      Dealing with customer services has been extraordinarily frustrating, the worst service I have ever experienced. I'll outline todays experiences in chronological order:


      1st: My account has suddenly been cancelled.


      2nd: I used the online chat for assistance, useless. After making me wait 10 minutes for a response on two occasions they disconnected from the chat when I didn't respond after just 3 minutes.


      3rd: I called the contact number for subscriptions given on the website, useless. Apparently not the right number and I was redirected.


      4th: I was redirected to my third staff member of the day, useless. Apparently not the right department and I was redirected again despite specifically requesting not to be transferred.


      5th: I was connected to my fourth staff member, useless. Admitted to the cancellation being an error but said I would need to sign another year contract and pay a higher monthly fee. Offered 3 months free, not good enough, this would still cost me much more in the long run. I was promised a supervisor would call me as a priority case.


      6th: 5 hours later a 'supervisor' (Naveed Khan) called, useless. He was extremely rude, he spoke over me several times, he blatantly lied and was very patronizing. He denied fault on behalf of Adobe despite his colleague already admitting it. Many details were different to what his colleague had stated previously. He said the maximum he could offer was 2 months free, when I said his colleague had already offered me 3 months suddenly 3 months free was available.


      Adobe, if you are reading this and if you care about your customers in any way, I have only one thing to say to you: Shame, shame on you!


      To everyone else, I urge all subscribers to unsubscribe (as I am now doing) and I encourage any potential subscribers not to subscribe.


      If I was the only one then I could perhaps understand some failings. Six failings for one customer in one single day? Many, many other paying customers receiving similarly bad treatment? No excuse.



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          rowlandd27013141 Level 1

          I agree that Adobe has awful customer service. I just want a simple answer to a licensing question and the so-called chat system first had no idea what to reply then locked me out completely. I remember Adobe from years ago when customers were treated properly.

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            At the end of yesterdays debacle I was promised that I would receive a telephone call from Naveed's supervisor. This has still not happened, almost 24 hours later.


            I have received no correspondence from any member of staff regarding this terrible experience.

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              Agree totally. It is very difficult to manage and close your account.


              As far as I can make out, if you are in Asia Pacific, the accounts are sub-managed by a firm called Digital River. Digital River will not alleo online cancellation or give an email or telephone support number so you have to go through USA helpline. All the USA - Indian? Call centre can do is send a request. So, nothing happens. I was put in a loop, no callback as promised, managed to get through to Hong Kong and was told the account was closed and bingo it is not and th enext month is due. As far as I can see, it is a way to keep the account live so the subscriptions can continue to be charged.


              If you get upset with the  call center Adobe uses, the Supervisor gets upset too and then everybody feels bad. It is a no win situation and the only reason Adobe does not change it is because they have a near monopoly on this industry standard and they know we need their service.


              Very 1980s customer service....shameful

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                TreacleLtd Level 1

                There is yet another ridiculous 'feature' of the Adobe customer experience. For some unknown reason, all of my billing and payment details are in Chinese despite my account being set to English.


                Does anyone have an answer for this? Adobe, do you have an answer or are you going to continues ignoring your customers?