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    Trying to add to the App store - Invalid Image Path - No image found at the path referenced under key "CFBundleIcons"


      Trying to add my app to the Apple App store but it keeps getting rejected with the error:


      Invalid Image Path - No image found at the path referenced under key "CFBundleIcons": AppIcon29x29


      In my config file I have the following and all the image links are correct:

               <icon height="16" platform="ios" src="res/icon/ios/Icon-16.png" width="16" />

              <icon height="20" platform="ios" src="res/icon/ios/Icon-20.png" width="20" />

              <icon height="29" platform="ios" src="res/icon/ios/Icon-29.png" width="29" />

              <icon height="32" platform="ios" src="res/icon/ios/Icon-32.png" width="32" />

              <icon height="40" platform="ios" src="res/icon/ios/Icon-40.png" width="40" />

              <icon height="48" platform="ios" src="res/icon/ios/Icon-48.png" width="48" />

              <icon height="50" platform="ios" src="res/icon/ios/Icon-50.png" width="50" />

              <icon height="55" platform="ios" src="res/icon/ios/Icon-55.png" width="55" />

              <icon height="57" platform="ios" src="res/icon/ios/Icon-57.png" width="57" />

              <icon height="58" platform="ios" src="res/icon/ios/Icon-58.png" width="58" />

              <icon height="60" platform="ios" src="res/icon/ios/Icon-60.png" width="60" />

              <icon height="64" platform="ios" src="res/icon/ios/Icon-64.png" width="64" />

              <icon height="72" platform="ios" src="res/icon/ios/Icon-72.png" width="72" />

              <icon height="76" platform="ios" src="res/icon/ios/Icon-76.png" width="76" />

              <icon height="80" platform="ios" src="res/icon/ios/Icon-80.png" width="80" />

              <icon height="87" platform="ios" src="res/icon/ios/Icon-87.png" width="87" />

              <icon height="88" platform="ios" src="res/icon/ios/Icon-88.png" width="88" />

              <icon height="100" platform="ios" src="res/icon/ios/Icon-100.png" width="100" />

              <icon height="120" platform="ios" src="res/icon/ios/Icon-120.png" width="120" />

              <icon height="128" platform="ios" src="res/icon/ios/Icon-128.png" width="128" />

              <icon height="144" platform="ios" src="res/icon/ios/Icon-144.png" width="144" />

              <icon height="152" platform="ios" src="res/icon/ios/Icon-152.png" width="152" />

              <icon height="167" platform="ios" src="res/icon/ios/Icon-App-83.5x83.5@2x.png" width="167" />

              <icon height="167" platform="ios" src="res/icon/ios/Icon-167.png" width="167" />

              <icon height="172" platform="ios" src="res/icon/ios/Icon-172.png" width="172" />

              <icon height="180" platform="ios" src="res/icon/ios/Icon-180.png" width="180" />

              <icon height="196" platform="ios" src="res/icon/ios/Icon-196.png" width="196" />

              <icon height="256" platform="ios" src="res/icon/ios/Icon-256.png" width="256" />

              <icon height="512" platform="ios" src="res/icon/ios/Icon-512.png" width="512" />

              <icon height="1024" platform="ios" src="res/icon/ios/Icon-1024.png" width="1024" />


      The application loader shows no errors when uploading - what is causing this issue? Any help would be much appreciated!