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    Shape objects lock up viewport




      I've had this problem for a while now (months) where using the shape or path tool to create a shape will lock up my viewport, which only refreshes if I hide all shape objects in the layer tab or do a click on a layer where it will do a one frame refresh and lock up again.


      I have a video here showcasing it too: Photoshop Bug - YouTube


      I googled for this problem a long time already, updated my GPU drivers, reinstalled PS (CC 2017) and changed my GPU settings in the preferences to all possibilities (turning off GPU support completely doesn't fix the problem either).


      A couple days ago I updated GPU drivers, reinstalled PS, deactivated all experimental features and set the drawing mode in the preferences from Advanced to Normal and it actually worked for one sitting. The next day the problem re-appeared. In PS CS6 shapes work perfectly.


      My specs:

      Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit

      NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 (3,5 GB VRAM)

      i7-4790K CPU

      16 GB RAM

      For PS I'm using the current version in the Creative Cloud, which is apparently version 18.1 for Photoshop in the CC app, but called 2017.1.1 in Photoshop itself.

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          You know what you are doing in that video however, without audio commentary all we see is your dancing the mouse cursor about Photoshop's poking  on the pallets, toolbar and image you state that Photoshop is not  using your viewport correctly.   How to you expect one us to know when your not explaining what you are doing and when you see your viewport is not what it should be.  You should add an audio track and slow down the video playback rate.  Or describe the problem you are having better.  I think your statinng your image rendering is not being update when you do some things.


          Posting your CC 2017 menu Help>System Info may help also.

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            Saiodin Level 1

            Do you not see that the red circle shape is not visible when placed on the canvas at 00:19?

            That drawing with a blue brush at 00:27 doesn't change the canvas at all. That then turning off the shape layer at 00:29 makes the drawn blue pixels visible? After that it's just presenting the same problem again and again. I think anybody with some usage of PS would understand what clicking on the canvas and the layers is supposed to do, but I hope the explanation above is helpful enough.


            What I explained in my first paragraph is exactly what's happening in the video. The conclusion you came to is also what I described in my first paragraph and the name of the title.


            I appreciate the reply, but a little less hostile when the information you're looking for is already provided would be nice.

            As for the system info you're on point, here it is:  system info - Pastebin.com

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              JJMack Most Valuable Participant

              It is obvious you and I do not speak the same language.  I do not feel I.m being hostile I'm just trying to help you.  I can not follow you video and  have a problem understand what you write.  We have a communication problem.  From you system info I see you install 6 optional Plug-ins.  Have you tried starting Photoshop with the shift key held down and Skip loading the to see if ther may be causing your problem.   You may also want to try resetting all Photoshop tool.  And as a last resort resetting your userid's Photoshop Preferences.    Your system info shows you cc 2017 is updated ant you have a very recent nvidia device driver installed.   I have a very different nvidia adapter a Quadro 4000 quite old I do not notice problems with how Photoshop display is updated.   You may want to look at these search results


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                Saiodin Level 1

                You're right, it's a communication problem. I apologize for overreacting. I can see now how you could have meant it jokingly, but at the time of reading without thinking about a language barrier it appeared as "hostile" to me.


                Starting with shift key did not help, but completely resetting all Photoshop settings worked! So thank you very much for that. I don't know if the problem will re-appear like it did last week. Unfortunately I'm at a loss what caused the problem. The plug-ins you mentioned are working and are not causing problems with shapes (for now), so it appears those didn't cause the bug. But I'm not sure. The resetted GPU preferences are also nothing out of the ordinary. I'll keep what you said in mind for the future in case the problem appears again.


                Thank you very much again and have a nice day!