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    error on form field names

      Hi.I have a code on admin part which works fine.I did the same code for the web site:

      <cfform name="form" id="form" action="#urlPath#submitLinks#extension#" method="post">

      <table class="tabformat" border="0" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="1" width="400">
      <td class="tabhead">Url:</td>
      <td class="tabdata"><input type="text" name="linkUrl" value="" size="60"></td>
      <td class="tabhead">Url Text:</td>
      <td class="tabdata"><input type="text" name="linkUrlText" value="" size="60"></td>
      <td class="tabhead">Description:</td>
      <td class="tabdata"><input type="text" name="linkUrlDescription" value="" size="60"></td>
      <!--- <tr>
      <td class="tabhead">Referring Url:</td>
      <td class="tabdata"><input type="text" name="linkUrlRefer" value="<CFOUTPUT>#link.link_referer#</CFOUTPUT>" size="60"></td>
      </tr> --->
      <td class="tabhead">Category:</td>
      <td class="tabdata"><select name="linkCategory"><CFOUTPUT query="categories"><option value="#link_cat_id#">#categories.link_cat_name#</option></CFOUTPUT></select></td>

      <td colspan="2" class="tabdata" align="center"><input type="submit" value="Add Link"></td>

      but when I submit the form the error is: Element LINKCATEGORY is undefined in FORM.
      I've test so many things but it didnt work because doesnt know none of my form fields:

      <cfoutput>#form.linkCategory#</cfoutput> OR <cfoutput>#form.linkUrl#</cfoutput>,....

      what should I do?what is wrong?