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    Wacom mapping issues, again

    KenJere Level 1

      So, I'm asking this here because Wacom doesn't have the most helpful support from what I'm told... My Wacom Intous 4 will just suddenly stop mapping to my primary screen where I do all my drawing in photoshop, and instead map both screens that I'm using. I haven't installed anything new on the pc or altered anything, it just suddenly stops working. It will not let me choose monitor 1 again, it just jumps back to Portion. My windows 10 is up to date, and so are the Wacom drivers, reboot doesn't work. I'm using the lates version of Photoshop, but the mapping doesn't work outside of PS either. I've tried using the Display Toggle option as well, but no go... Any suggestions at all?

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          master mo Adobe Community Professional

          I find that the Wacom settings do fall out of whack occasionally too.


          A reboot usually resolves the problem.


          You may want to try the following:

          1. Set uo the Wacom per your preference.
          2. Then in the Wacom Desktop Center, Choose Backup
          3. You can choose to make a local or cloud  backup. (I recommend both)
          4. When your Wacom starts to misalign again, you can restore from the backup prefs file that you have saved.


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            KenJere Level 1

            Thank you for your input


            In this case I had to reinstall the drivers again... Haven't had an issue since, so fingers crossed. There was a big Windows update prior to this, so that miiiight have been what caused the Wacom to stop working, but I'm not sure...