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    HTMLLoader Hanging on PDF

    Scott McAllister
      When attempting to display a locally stored PDF using HTMLLoader I'm getting a dark colored window with a spinning, loading circle. This appears to me that it's loading the PDF, however the loading never ends and the PDF is never shown. My code looks like this:

      if( HTMLLoader.pdfCapability == HTMLPDFCapability.STATUS_OK )
      var htmlLoader:HTMLLoader = new HTMLLoader();
      var factSheet:File = new File( 'app-storage:/assets/factSheets/factSheet.pdf' );
      var holder:UIComponent = new UIComponent();

      htmlLoader.load( new URLRequest( factSheet.url ) );

      htmlLoader.width = this.stage.width;
      htmlLoader.height = this.stage.height;
      holder.addChild( htmlLoader );
      this.addChild( holder );

      Any ideas?

      - Scott