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    touch up layers appearing differently on different computers when viewing the same image

    ashleigh_by_nature Level 1

      Hi!  Hoping someone out there can help!


      I opened an image with multiple layers on one computer, and it looks great.  The working touch-up layers (clone stamp; paint brush; etc) are seamlessly blending in without a problem. When the same image is opened on another computer, the working layer brush stokes are obvious, and appear really sloppy. The colour settings are the same on both machines; and both machines have been calibrated. Also, both computers are the same model and using the same model graphics card. Both computers are also running the most recent version of Photoshop CC.


      The images below show the same portion of the same image viewed on different computers. Both times the image was viewed with all the layers turned on and all layers set to the same opacity and mode.  Is there some type of setting I'm forgetting about or something?