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    Day 2 PDF LEsson 4

      The step by step procedure in the Day 2 Lesson 4 PDF does not include code for the inclusion of the XML roomList.xml feed - resulting in the RoomRenderer component not returning the data values for the room attributes in the list component. It would be nice to see the Adobe recommended method of doing this in this case.
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          roomList.xml is in the Download assets from Day 1, if this is what you are looking for. It's referenced by the HTTPService call in the main AdobeODT.mxml in Day 1 I believe, here:

          <mx:HTTPService id="rooms" url="assets/roomList.xml" fault="httpFaultHandler(event)" result="httpResultHandler(event)" />

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            kstirnkorb Level 1
            Thanks mikhollo. I keep too many versions of these cumulative lessons and used one prior to the HTTPService call code. All is good now. These lessons are good and correspond nicely to the Flex Cookbook FYI.