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    Convert JPG/PNG using AI




      I want to create a dynamic PNG/JPG file programmatically for AI extension.


      For photoshop i'm using this approach:

      Created a PSD as a template, parse it and created duplicate of it in JSX, then replace the content of all the layers and merge/convert it to JPG and PNG.

      var templateDoc = app.open(new File(extPath + '/images/zcdp_palette_template_'+orientation+'.psd'));


        var dupeDoc = templateDoc.duplicate(filePath.match(/[^\/]+$/)[0]);



      But this code is not working in AI. It throws error while duplicating the psd. //templateDoc.duplicate() is not a function


      Is it possible to maintain same code base for PS and AI


      Or is there any other approach in AI to create PNG/JPG and place text and color rectangle on x,y axis of document (HTML5 Canvas style)