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    Open an Excel template and add an sheet with CF 10




      I have a template containing some static pages saved on the server and I would like to add the dynamic pages to create another Excel file.

      My problem is to open the template.


      I Receive the following error: "The workbook already contains a sheet of this name"


      How to do that?


      The template name : "Template.xlsm"


      My current code:

      <cfset srcUploadedFile = application.settings.loadExcelDirectory & sepa & "Template.xlsm">


      <!--- I would like to create an object "s" which is my Excel document --->

      <cfspreadsheet action="read" src="#srcUploadedFile#" sheetname="History-version" name="s">


      <!--- Create a new sheet and fill the new dynamic page --->

      <cfset SpreadsheetCreateSheet (s, "Dynamic 1")>

      <cfset SpreadsheetSetActiveSheet(s, "Dynamic 1")>


      <cfset headerText = "" >

      <cfset headerText = ListAppend(headerText, "Title 1") >

      <cfset headerText = ListAppend(headerText, "Title 2") >


      <cfset SpreadsheetAddRow(s, headerText)>


      <!--- Create the new document --->

      <cfheader name="content-disposition" value="attachment; filename=NewFile.xlsm">

      <cfcontent type="application/msexcel" variable="#spreadsheetReadBinary(s)#" reset="true"> 



      Thank you in advance for your help

      Best regards