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    PS: Auto-created smart object when placing can be editable but can't be overwritten

    DamonChen Level 1

      How to re-create problem:


      PS CC


      • New file

      • Go to Preferences in PS and check < Always create smart objects when placing >

      • Drag an image onto canvas

      • Image has been automatically converted into an Smart Object.

      • Double click into Smart Object

      • Unlock base layer

      • Use magic wand to remove some parts of image

      • Add layer mask

      • CMD+S the smart object


      ** Problem encountered at this point:

      Error message prompted:

      Can't save this document back to its original

      file format. Flatten layers and discard extra

      data as necessary then choose File > Save again.


      You can save the file using File > Save As, but the

      associated smart objects will not be updated.**



      • Turn off < Always create smart objects when placing >

      • Drag image

      • Control click on layer and convert to smart object.

      • Double click on smart object and edit

      • Now save the smart object (No error message should prompt)


      Issue with auto-smart-object that it only allows for rescaling and some layer properties but not embedded smart object changes.