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    Deploy Digital Editions to shared PCs in an HE institute




      I work for a Higher Education institute and we are looking to deploy Digital Editions to our shared, open-access PCs. 


      I'm aware that ADE needs to be authorised with an Adobe ID before DRM-protected e-books can be read, and that an Adobe ID can be associated with a maximum of 6 devices.


      When it comes to students using their own devices (e.g. mobile, tablet and laptop) there isn't an issue - they can simply create an Adobe ID and authorise those devices with that ID.


      However, we also need to offer our students the option to read e-books on our open-access PCs and this is where individual Adobe IDs aren't appropriate. A student could potentially log onto many different PCs over the course of a year, and a single PC will be used by hundreds of students.


      So how do we authorise individual PCs in this context?


      Any help/advice would be much appreciated.