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    PhotoShop CC 2017 Printer Color Output Issue

    derekn38784682 Level 1

      I started using PS CC 2017 recently to process the total eclipse images I shot.  They were all shot using Adobe RGB color spacing in RAW format.  I used Bridge to bring in several images into PS layers to stack the images using processing techniques published by Russell Brown from Adobe.  I'm also using the16-bit RGB color mode in PS.


      I have an Epson XP 960 printer and only use Epson branded ink and paper (Ultra Premium Glossy Photo Paper).  When printing directly from PS, I follow the suggested guidelines from Adobe concerning not using the printers color management.  The results are very bad... the blacks are pure black, but the other colors (White/very light blue ) print out as flame orange/red.  Although it looks cool, that's not the effect I'm after.


      I've also tried using the printers color management system and the results are exactly the same.  Oddly enough, I thought I would print in Black/White mode on the printer to see if I could get a true black/white print.  It printed exactly as it was in color mode which really has me baffled.


      A year back before I had the XP 960, I tried both Cannon and Epson.  In a lot of cases, I had similar issues.


      I really need some help with this as I prefer to print my own hard copies.  I'm also pretty new to a lot of the color management 'theme'.