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    Delete the write-protected folder .adobe-digital-editions from a Nook Glowlight?

    gplibrarian Level 1

      Hi. I work at a public library. I am trying to help a patron transfer an Overdrive title to her Nook Glowlight (not a Plus) using ADE. The Nook and computer are successfully authorized in ADE.


      The Glowlight doesn't appear as a device in ADE when we connect it to her computer. Overdrive suggests deleting the folder .adobe-digital-editions from the Nook. When I try that using Windows 7's File Explorer, a message tells me the folder is write-protected and can't be deleted. If I view the folder's properties, the file attributes don't display, so I can't turn off write protection (and the Nook isn't assigned a drive letter in Windows, so I can't change the attributes from a command prompt).


      Overdrive recommends a factory reset on the Nook, which seems a little drastic. I am awaiting an answer from Barnes and Noble support saying if I can get access to the file system on the Nook itself and delete it from there rather than using File Explorer. But on the chance that ADE set the folder to write-protected status, is there a method in ADE that will allow me to change the folder's status or delete the folder?


      Thank you!

      Jeffrey Pike

      Groton Public Library