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    Error opening PDF file from website in Adobe Reader Android

    bbeyer87 Level 1

      Hello all,


      When opening a PDF from a website on my Android devices, I got this error: Cannot display PDF: lay-out pdf file is invalid

      File cannot be downloaded. Please save the file to your local storage and try again.

      Now we use tablets Samsung T-365 with the last Adobe Acrobat Reader from the playstore.

      If I save this PDF's first, there is NO problem to open the files.

      If I open them from chrome, there is NO problem too. But the mechanics do not have chrome on the Android device.

      Opening in the default android internet browser does not work. Cleaning the cache or something like that doesn't help.


      Anybody got a solution for this? It's too bad for the guys if they cannot open the PDF's directely from our website