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    Submit form from mobile


      I have a form that could almost be completed on mobile as well as on the computer with the Adobe Acrobat app. Ideally, I would have liked to have a submit button with a code that picks up the email address from a pre-filled field which can vary. This works very well on the computer but not on mobile.


      However, the submit action works well on mobile if I just insert the URL “mailto:”, that is, without any address specified… So my work around would be to have a pop up that reminds the form filler to take note of the return address, and once they’ve hit “ok”, the message application is launched with the form attached to an email as usual. All the user would need to do is write the address he/she took note of.

      So I created a button that runs the pop up first, followed by the submit action. It works fine on the computer, but with mobile, the action breaks after I hit “ok” on the pop up. The submit action won’t follow. Both work well if isolated. Is there a way to solve this? I'm using an IPad for testing. Thank you.


      Javascript on click :

      app.alert("Assurez-vous de bien noter l'adresse courriel du destinataire.",3);


      Action on blur :