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    Adobe Media Encoding Export Error


      Hello. I am an editor using Adobe products to create a film. I am having a particular issue with Adobe After Effects CC 2017 And Adobe Media encoder. I have an NVIDIA GTX 660. I had been using Adobe Products for the entire year, with no issue. However, I did a fresh install of Windows on my PC and reinstalled everything. I downloaded all of my drivers. Then, I downloaded my Adobe Products. I synced all of the clips and music together in Adobe Premiere CC 2017, then Dynamic Linked it to Adobe After Effects. Once finished applying all of the effects I needed, which includes RSMB, Magic Bullet Looks, Twixtor, and the Sapphire Plug-ins as well as the some of the base effects, I attempted to add this to the Adobe Media Encoder Queue. It took quite a long time to get my Encoder to pop up. Upon it popping up, I attempted to render it as a 1920x1080 29.97 fps h.264 file (46 mb size) using the "match source- high bitrate". It failed, giving me a type 9 error, named "export error" About an hour in. The code starts with "-1609". I find this extremely concerning, as I did not have a single problem before reinstalling windows. I have attempted to remove the effects and render, switch it off of gpu accelerated mode and render, and uninstalled and reinstalled my creative cloud and all adobe products. The forums about this error code are not helpful, as they either provide answers that don't work or state to "just move around the clips or make a smaller file". I am using VBR 1 pass with a target bitrate of 10 and maximum bitrate of 12. I have also attempted to render in Premiere, yet it also fails and gives me the same issue. It is always around an Hour and 6 minutes into encoding. What should I do?