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    Beginner's Help for RoboHelp Required


      I am a non-tech writer who has been put in charge of writing/updating existing help files for a project. I am using RoboHelp 7 for the first time, and have never worked on any other Help file or with another Help file system in my life.

      To that end, I am confused at even the most basic level.

      The previous writer has not handed off to me the source files for this project. I assume that if she had, I could just click on a project file with an extension that ends in .xpj, .mpj, .hhp, .hlp, and/or .hpj.

      I have, however, received a .chm file based on her work (she's using an earlier version of RoboHelp if that's relevant). Following some of the advice here and elsewhere, I used the Microsoft HTML Help Workshop to decompile the .chm and get a bunch of source files. Was that the right thing to do? It seems weird that I cannot do that in RoboHelp itself.

      Anyway, I now have a bunch of files. What I do not have, and what I expected to have, is a file with a RoboHelp icon, or a file with one of the various extensions I listed above.

      That means I do not know how to open the project and begin editing/updating it in RoboHelp.

      Any ideas for me? I will thank you in advance for any help you can offer.