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    Run Air Application


      I'm new to Flex and decided to follow along in the EDGE August article to "Learn to build your first desktop application with Adobe Flex 3". I have a copy of Flex Builder 3 Professional (not trial copy). The article comes to a point where it says to run the application. Being familiar with Eclipse, I assume this means that click on the run button. But nothing happens. I don't see any errors in the Problems window pane so it should run correct? At one point I closed and started it again and did when clicking on something get an indication it was doing something but it came back with an error about Flash Player debugger being installed. (I remembered I recently installed Adobe Master Collection and thought it may have replaced the debugger version.) So I went to Adobe and downloaded the debugger for my Intel-based Mac and reinstalled it. But when I click on the run icon for the Air application when main.mxml is selected, still nothing happens. I also noticed the clean option and ran that to have it rebuild things -- but still no luck.

      Could someone please help to guide me in what I need to do in order to get my AIR application to compile and run in Flex Builder?

      Thanks in advance,