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    Facebook Video


      Every time I want to play a video on Facebook it opens a new window and takes me to Youtube.I've checked all my settings etc but can't see what the problem is.Any ideas ? I have two back up FB profiles and the videos play on both of them but not my main account/profile.It's like when the embed code on Youtube is disabled and you just get the thumbnail photo/image.Please help.Thank you

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          maria__ Adobe Employee

          I would recommend contacting Facebook for your issue.

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            damiang75139836 Level 1

            Hi m_vargas,


            I've tried contacting Facebook and got their usual non-committal response:

            Our reply


            Your feedback will be used to improve Facebook. Thanks for taking the time to make a report.

            Even one of my friends who works in IT is stumped by it.

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              jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

              It's ultimately going to come down to the particular video and how it was embedded, and the operating system and browser that you're using.  This is ultimately a problem that Facebook needs to fix, and there's not enough detail here to guess about possible workarounds.  It's really odd that you see it work in the same browser in multiple profiles, but it's totally normal for large services to run experiments on a small subset of user accounts.  You may just be seeing the outcome of an experiment in one of your profiles.

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                damiang75139836 Level 1

                Hi jeromiec83223024,


                Thanks for your reply and input which I really appreciate.

                My operating system is Windows 7 Home Premium,Google Chrome version 61.0.3163.100 and is up to date.
                This happens to all videos I post from Youtube and to make it even more confusing,I have found that my wife's Facebook profile has the same issue.
                But,as you said,I think it is a Facebook issue and it is strange that my two back up profiles are not affected although they are newer.
                I am leaving this open in case I get a response from Facebook and will put an update here.


                Thanks again.













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                  jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

                  Do you have any extensions installed that might account for it?  AdBlockers, etc?

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                    damiang75139836 Level 1

                    Hi jeromiec83223024,


                    I do have Adblockplus extension but this was installed way before this issue started and the other extensions I use are McAfee  WebAdvisor and SiteAdvisor and these have been temporarily disabled but the problem persists.