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    Trying to get an .swf link to display in a new window

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      Hi everyone,

      I recently received some links to Captivate videos for a webhelp project I'm working on (RH Office X5.02). I can link from a topic to the .aspx wrapper file and get the wrapper with the associated flash files to display in a separate window without any problem.

      However, when I try do the same thing (get the link to open in a new window) by linking directly to one of the .swf files associated with the wrapper, RoboHelp tells me I can't do it. The Flash file displays within the content pane, the text appears much smaller (but not illegible), and since it didn't resize to fit within the pane, the information on the right of the video appears "cut off". Fortunately, most of the information appears to be on the left side. I would REALLY like to get this Flash file to open in a separate window.

      Any ideas on this one? My Captivate expert suggested that I could try linking to the .htm file that's associated with the .swf, and I'm going to try that next, if no one else has any ideas.

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          I will be looking for updates on this subject - I ordered Captivate last week and eagerly awaiting its arrival.

          My idea was to include the Captivate file as a baggage file and link it like I do all other hyperlinks (i.e. wmv files). Again, I have not received the Captivate software yet to see if that works in "theory" only.

          have you tried linking as an "external" file?

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            Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            Hi all

            @Jim - You might want to do this by using a Redirect page. Since the redirect is a HTML page, you could then open it in a new window as desired. Then the redirect handles opening the .SWF.

            @Cindi - Actually, inserting Captivate content in RoboHelp topics is quite simple. You just click the Captivate icon in your toolbar (or click Insert > Captivate) and point at the .SWF Captivate created. RoboHelp will then create the appropriate code to insert the Captivate into your existing page.

            To both/all - Captivate normally creates a few different files when it creates output. Another approach is to simply import the Captivate created HTML page designed to present the Captivate content. Then link to it as you would any other HTML page in RoboHelp.

            The links below may help. Although they were created when RoboHelp X5 and Captivate 2 were dominant, most of what they cover still applies.
            Link one
            Link two

            Cheers... Rick