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    General Question:The idea of "stage" in Flex3

      I am trying to create a visual repersentation of data I am manipulating in Flex by means of an actionscript component.

      Coming from a Flash background I think of this as adding a "stage" to the main Flex application (where I will use the Actionscript drawing API to to the repersentaion). However I am having some problems understanding the best way to go about this in Flex and was wondering if there was a best practice in with regard to this.

      I would be interested in any feedback to the above. If you find the above far to vague I am very sorry! If you would like specifics just let me know. It is not any particular aspect of the code that is frustrating me. It is just that I would like to be able to understand the best way to go about this.
      Thank you for you time.