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    Errors when trying to publish an Android game to device using ANEs

    JoãoCésar Adobe Community Professional



      I'm creating a game that uses two ANEs for ads and in-app purchases.


      Everything was fine when I was only using the ANE for ads. But it seems that now that I'm using a second ANE, Animate CC cannot publish the APK anymore.


      The first part of the errors:


      "Error creating files.


      aapt tool

      failed:C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Local\Temp\2b499462-6c9e-4ea0-9c86-28afc4160fd9\app_entry_re s\values\strings.xml:19: error: Resource at app_version appears in overlay but not in the base package; use <add-resource> to add.





      How do I fix this?