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    Exporting FXL ePub with rasterized text


      InDesign says when exporting Fixed layout ePub, text is not rasterize (implying live text is searchable and selectable, and reader can adjust text size).  Is there a way to get around that?  I have a complex ePub file I created with InDesign that I want to display with Adobe Digital Editions ePub reader for desktop but the text shows up in a different font and layout it badly messed up.  If i can export with text rasterized, this could help.  Converting text to outlines is not possible as my document is huge and many parts are buttons - creating text to outlines releases my buttons and would all need to be re-setup - not an option.  If rasterized text is not possible, are there other desktop (windows 7 and up) epub readers that you recommend that support all interactivity and videos?  I have tested many and they do not work (ePub eader, kindle, nook, FBReader, Calibre, etc..) HELP!  Thank you!!