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    Link to URLs

      I am creating a WBT for my company's OnBoarding classes, and on one of the "slides", I put a button to link to a site on our intranet. I have linked to other sites with no issues. This one, however, launches a PowerPoint presentation in the browser window, and I can't find a way to make the page launch in a separate window. It loads in the same IE window as my WBT, and if you click the Back button, it starts the WBT over from the beginning. The other links open in separate windows, so I am not sure if it is because the URL launches a PPT that I am having this trouble. Can anyone think of a solution?

      Thank you!

      Jason Gressman
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Jason

          Examine your Button properties. Specifically, look to the immediate right of where you typed the file name of the presentation. You should see two buttons. One looks like a down arrow. Click it and you should see an option to open in a New window. Click it again and you should see an option at the bottom to prevent the movie from continuing play until your user is finished interacting with the new window and returns to the Captivate to proceed, where they may click a differrent button or area to resume play.

          Cheers... Rick