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    DW or FW?

      Do I use Dreamweaver or Fireworks to create html pages that can be reviewed by a committee, approved, and ultimately end up as a web app.
      The developers will not be using my code from either product, they will be hard coding with html; they just need it as a model. And I need something that several people can look at and comment on as we move from version to version.
      I called Adobe support and they said to use DW. They said FW was for making changes to a website that needed to stay up at all times.
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          JoeDaSilva Level 4
          Fireworks is a graphics application. I've been using it to do interface design for about a decade now. I don't have the foggiest idea as to why Adobe support would tell you that Fireworks was for "making changes to a website that needed to stay up at all times", because that's completely wrong. They might have implied that about Dreamweaver perhaps?

          This is a great Dev Center article that talks about Fireworks and its many merits. If you have any other questions for us please don't hesitate to ask!


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            Fireworks is great for prototyping - creating lousy HTML for a
            semi-functioning site for testing purposes. If you need to quickly turn
            your design into HTML, use Fireworks - but DO NOT use that for the final
            site! During production, it is quicker to generate "prototype HTML" from
            Fireworks, make design changes within Fireworks, quickly export updated
            HTML, make changes, generate HTML, changes, HTML, ... Once it is finally
            approved, all the Fireworks HTML goes in the trash and the developer
            uses Dreamweaver (or a text editor) to do the HTML right. Fireworks CS4
            also allows you to export to a multi-page PDF for proofing. That's a
            real nice feature as the entire "website" manifests as a single PDF that
            can be emailed.

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              Paevo Kelley Level 2
              "They said FW was for making changes to a website that needed to stay up at all times."

              You must have got someone who was on drugs at the Adobe Help Center...
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                Exporting as PDF works for me if I only have a few pages. However, if I have more pages (5 or so?) exporting as PDF causes an internal error. This is a real drag. (I'm running CS4 on my Mac.)