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    SSL Question

    ADusa Level 1

      I have a site created in Muse and hosted on BC. When I go to my site on chrome, I get the little "i" in the url bar. But when I do a "built with" (a plugin I downloaded in chrome) it says there is an SSL certificate on the site through DigiCert.


      I guess I'm confused about the little "i" that chrome is using. I brought up Home Depot site and it has the same little "i".  I'm sure Home Depot is in compliance with everything google wants but they still get the "i".


      So a couple questions:


      Do I have an SSL in my site or not?


      If not, could someone give me pretty detailed instructions on how to do this as it's all new to me.


      my site is www.pdqlitho.com


      Thanks so much!