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    Migrating from Win10 32 bits to 64 bits. Does it require CS5.5 deactivation?


      Hi everyone!


      I have CS5.5 running on my laptop (OS Win 10 Pro - 32 bits, with x64 processor), and I'm planning to migrate that OS platform to Win 10 Pro - 64 bits, in order to get access to a larger memory, so 32 bits architecture is limited to 3,2 GB RAM max. Following Microsoft's instructions, that OS migration requires a complete HD formatting and a clean OS installation, and after I might reinstall all applications. However, the final result will be the same machine (my laptop), running the same OS (Win 10 Pro), under the same Microsoft's license (product key).


      Keeping that in mind, have I to deactivate CS5.5 on my current Win 10 32 bits OS?


      Many thanks in advance for your help !!!