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    Problem Import Html Help


      I try Adobe Robohelp to import an existing projet in Microsoft Html Help. It works very fine and the generated chm is good (about image and external link) in Html help but in Robohelp external link and some images are deleted. I use the method import for a new project in the start page , another method for import correctly my work ? I'm in Robohelp v7.02.
      Thank you very much.

      P.S: Sorry for my bad english :)
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hello Nico4213 and welcome to the RH forums.

          So you are having problems with some images and external links not working. Can you tell us what type of file you were importing (e.g. .HLP, .DOC, etc.). I am also wondering what the path was to the images and external links. Were they absolute rather than relative?

          BTW If you think your english is bad you should read some of the functional specs written by our native english speaking developers!
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            Nico4213 Level 1
            Hello Colum McAndrew ,

            The file which is imported is a *.hhp (my project in Html Help). All paths are likes D:\Doc en ligne\MUT FR\HTML\Topics\Subtopics\images and D:\Doc en ligne\MUT FR\HTML\Topics\Subtopics\ for the hyperlinks .
            Many images are not visible when I generate the WebHelp files, and many hyperlinks are not correct (pages are not visible). Perhaps it's because I have only a Demo version of Robohelp ? I must to be sure that's this functionnality works great before I buy it. Thanks for your help.
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              RoboColum(n) Level 5
              It has nothing to do with you using the demo version as this is a full working version. Can you look at the links to the hyperlinks and images and tell us what they are linking to? Presumably they were workign before? Are the links/images internal to the project? Are they absolute or relative links?
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                Nico4213 Level 1
                For example for an image : file:///D:/MUT%20FR%20Test/!SSL!/WebHelp/HTML/1100Ecran/images/Menu%20Ecran.jpg but the image is not visible in the converted WebHelp document.Apparently the link is broken so I don't know how to restore (right clic -> restore don't function) and import correctly (the .chm with Microsoft Html Help works fine, and there is no probleme about these links). Many links are in the same state (broken). All the link external of the project (hyperlink) don't function...
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                  RoboColum(n) Level 5
                  Ummmm! OK I think we need to take a step back here. Firtly can you confirm whether you are producing WebHelp here. Your mention of CHM file has confused me a bit. Secondly, where is the D: drive you mention? Is this accessible from where your webhelp output (if that is what it is) is situated? As a word of advice, it is much better to use relative rather than absolute links to prevent this type of problem.

                  Finally is the D drive a network drive? If so, that's more than likely your problem. Never, never, never run your RH projects from a network drive. Also it is advisible not to generate your output inside the !SSL! folder. Create a folder off your C: drive and store all your source files there. As far as your project name is concerned, do not use special characters. Oh and the link you gave me is very long. If you adopt the suggestion of having your project off your C: drive this would cut down the path considerably.
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                    Nico4213 Level 1

                    I have try your solution but many links are broken... I think I'm going to restart this long project in Robohelp, the problem is in the importation of the hhp project. Thanks for your help.