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    Cancellation struggle of Creative Cloud for 14 months now!!!


      Who I need to complain regarding my issue that was neglected?

      Where can I file a complaint, please?


      I got in touch with the company 6 months ago!!!!!, through phone I tried many-many times, staying on the phone for over 30 minutes, never been answered. The only way to get a human contact was writing through this forum. An e-mail was sent me right away, then nothing happened, never again were my questions returned.  Adobe  kept charging me.


      That time I had  problems with  Premiere pro 8 months!!!!! previous.


      How does it work? Without being rude, demanding apparently nothing happens.


      My bank account is charged automatically  for 14 months without wanting to pay, with no access at all to Premiere,  without being able to cancel it, i am not able to get in touch with anybody, nobody answers.


      I am trying to see with the bank what are the options to block the automatic charging of my account, but as it's a global company with no human solution, feedback and follow up, I can't even provide a descent correspondence to prove them why I need their help to block this automatic charging.

      Who will get my money back I didn't want to pay and got no service at all for? Isn't this stealing?

      And all those hours wasted of trying to get in touch?