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    Premiere pro 2017 hogs unbelievable amount of memory and crashes

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      Is it really necessary for PPro to eat 9,3GB of memory while rendering 14min clip with two video tracks, additional audio track and one title? I mean, I've edited MUCH more complex video sequences successfully with my old laptop, which had back then 4GB of memory and C2D processor. That was some two or three years ago. Now I'm running on a Xeon machine that scores 11k on Geekbench (not much but enough) and has 12GB of RAM installed.


      On this small editing session Premiere has crashed three times because of low memory. Windows event reporter tells me it ate alone 9,3GB of memory. This should not be necessary for such a small project, and the abrupt nature of those crashes hint to faults in program's memory management. Premiere actually exceeded it's own set memory limit.


      Normally Windows warns when it thinks user is running out of memory. With premiere, it just kills the program. Once my screens just went black, and the machine stayed unresponsive until forced boot.


      Whaddya think, is this a bug? Or is Premiere totally uncaring about it's memory usage, and it hogs everything it can and a bit more, if you're not very strict against it? It baffles me how I've been able to edit bigger projects before with no problems at all on a machine that had like one quarter of processor power, Intel integrated graphics and one third of my current RAM.