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    Can't open Illustrator CS6




      I have CS6 installed on my Mac. I also had Illustrator CC installed on my work computer under the same account. I cancelled my CC account a month or so ago and now get the following message when I try to open Illustrator on my home computer.


      Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 5.08.30 PM.png

      I did have Illustrator CC on my home computer because I had downloaded it some time ago as a trial. I'm guessing when I activated a full CC subscription, it also activated it on my computer. I cancelled the subscription and have completely removed all CC products from home computer, but it keeps looking for the subscription instead of looking for the product key that's associated with my account.


      How do I get Adobe to recognize the product key instead of looking for the subscription? All other CS6 applications open without a problem.