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    Simulating conditions for an LED wall in Photoshop - ICC Profile?




      We have a chinese-made video wall similar to this one:


      Leyard uEV Series | Leyard


      It travels and we cannot test our imagery on it until right before a show, on site. We need a way to test our imagery on this very limited gamut.


      We are attempting to develop a system that will allow us to (somewhat accurately) recreate the crappy video screen look that is causing the banding on our images at the various venues. We have achieved limited success.


        Since I am a total noob in terms of working within Photoshop’s color settings and profiles, I was hoping to set up an environment within Photoshop that could accurately emulate the conditions under which this banding takes place. I will outline below the limitations of the display technology as we understand them.


      Display Characteristics

      • Low resolution (typically 3840x1080)
      • Limited brightness
        • Display typically used outdoors
        • Display is set to around 5% or 10% of actual brightness for indoor use
      • Limited gamut
        • There is no way of knowing the actual gamut because of a lack of hardware documentation
        • Images appear to support less than 8-bit color


      It is impossible to set one specific standard, as the panels will change from show to show (they are sourced locally for each venue), and we have no way of knowing what the limitations are until we get on site and they calibrate the displays for the show. Calibration is usually something that happens 1-2 days before each keynote.


      Since we develop our imagery at 16-bit, and since we operate in the sRGB color space, it is difficult to achieve an accurate reduction in gamut/quality/brightness/intensity to troubleshoot. This has made our work very difficult.


      I am hoping to develop a “preset” of sorts that will cap our colors in Photoshop in a way that simulates the limitations of these displays. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just an approximation will do, but it could go a long way towards allowing us to test our imagery to emulate the limited hardware found on site.


      Do I need to make a custom ICC profile? If so, how do I do this? If not, what would a solution be here?


      Any ideas or directions are helpful.