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    Downloaded issues?


      I've downloaded flash player three times now, going through every step. The first two times I didn't sign up for the adobe stock image program. The computer has been restarted, browsers closed, etc. Today I downloaded it again and signed up for the stock images just incase it was necessary to finish the download and yet it still won't work. What in the world am I doing wrong? Or not doing? I just need to do my homework and I want to throw my computer across the room... I won't but still. I do not understand what is wrong. Thank you so much for your technology skills.



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          maria__ Adobe Employee



          Signing up for Adobe Stock is a totally optional thing and not at all related to Flash Player's functionality.  In order to provide assistance, please provide the following information:


          • Operating system version
          • Web browser and version
          • Flash Player version
          • Explain your problem in step-by-step detail if possible
          • A direct link to a web page that demonstrates the problem
          • If you get error messages, please provide a screenshot