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    SWF file search text in not working well


      I have downloaded & installed FlashPaper2 trial version It was installed successful. I can able to convertPDF file to SWF when i tried to search particular text from the converted SWF file it is failed to locate the text. Please advice.


      I have used yor sample PDF file "UsingFlashpaper_EN.pdf"

      I have converted this PDF file to SWF and i have tried to search "CONTENTS" from that converted SWF file its failed to located the text. Below are few example which is not located in converted SWF file.

      Chapter (Heading)
      Contents (Heading)
      30 (normal text)

      above text are available in PDF and SWF file please advice

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          I've been looking for an answer to this same question. I'm not sure if PDF must be raw (unflattened), so it would work in text search when converted to SWF. Adobe doesn't say a word about it. Could someone help, please?
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            ursuimer Level 1
            My supervisor contacted Adobe regarding this same problem we've got, and they suggested that all PDFs that we intend to export to SWF should have the ANSI/ASCII font encoding.
            This does happen with all PDFs originated from Microsoft Office (Windows), since they use the ASCII encoding by default (I don't know if same thing happens with MS-Office for Mac), and Flash Paper could easily read it. If a PDF has a 'Custom' font encoding, then it's more probably that in-document search won't work. Hope it helps
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              I'm still confused... How do you export to SWF and have the ANSI/ASCII font encoding?

              I have been treading the web for a while now trying to figure this out... None of my .PDFs are able to be searched when converted over to flash paper.... I can do a search when they are .PDFs, but now when they are converted over to Flash Paper..

              Can someone please direct me on how to have my content searchable when converted over to flashpaper?