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    After Effects not releasing memory after RAM render.

    A. Raitano



      This is my first post so forgive me if I forget to include some information.  My specs are


      OS: Win 10

      CPU: Intel i5 7600k

      MB: MSI z270-A Pro

      RAM: 16gb DDR4

      GPU: GTX 750ti

      SSD: 1tb


      The problem I am having is when I do a RAM preview render AE has been crashing.  I opened up task manager to see if it is a RAM thing and it seems to be.  As it approaches the limit set for AE (in the preferences menu: 6gb) it crashes.  Setting the limit higher (10gb) does nothing much better and this is why...  When I preview, I watch the RAM usage creep up in task manager and it goes up quick.  When I am done previewing, the usage stays at that same level even when I adjust something in my project (which I assume would release what was in memory so it can do a new preview).  The clip I am rendering is not very long (15 seconds max and really it crashes at about 5 seconds of render) and only uses 2 instances of Trapcode Particular.


      To rephrase after a long winded explanation:  I can RAM preview but each subsequent preview adds to the memory usages of my allowable RAM.  For example, if I have 10gb of RAM allocated to AE and I preview something that takes up 50% of that amount and I need to adjust something, the next preview adds to that 50% so if I preview the same amount again, I run out of RAM and AE crashes.  Is this normal and am I making any sense?


      Thanks for any advice.


      Adam Raitano