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    Camera Raw Filter installed but unable to use


      Hey Community,

      I have just now downloaded camera raw filter 9.1.1

      according to instructions i first closed all adobe apps

      Unziped the file & installed it.....

      It showed that installation is complete...& thus to check i opened photoshop

      but to my suprise it was not being shown in filters section

      also when i went through youtube they said me to go edit >prefrences>camera raw

      it came with a dialogue  box showing :


      i retried to open photoshop but problem continues ....

      i also tried reinstalling raw filter once more but no change

      please help me telling methods.....


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          Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

          What version of photoshop and windows are you using?


          The camera raw filter is from the same camera raw plugin that opens your camera raw files, so there is no separate install for the camera raw filter.


          And the camera raw filter is only in photoshop cc versions, not in photoshop cs6.


          If you have photoshop cc then you need camera raw 9.12.1, which you can get through Help>Updates in photoshop.


          If you have photoshop cs6, then camera raw 9.1.1 is the newest compatible camera raw plugin, but no camera raw filter in the filter menu.

          Camera Raw installer for Adobe Photoshop CC and CS6


          If your using photoshop cs6 on windows xp or vista, then camera raw 8.3 is newest camera plugin you can use.

          Adobe Camera Raw 8.4 or later on Mac OS 10.6, Windows XP, and Vista

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            JJMack Most Valuable Participant

            ACR Is a Plug-in in CS6.   Starting in 2013 Photoshop CC ACR is a Plug-in and can Also be used as a Filter or Smart Filter. Yot should see ACR in abour plug-in and in you CS6 system info. In My CS6 system info I see it as both Plug-in and as a Filter but can not fina any Photoshop UI to use it as a filter.  In CC there would be but now there is a newer version od ACR for all CC Photoshop versions.     CC ACR features are crippled for CS6 users they only get new camera RAW support in ACR 9.1.1. For newer Camera CS6 users need to use the DNG Converter on their newer RAW files.


            Adobe Photoshop Version: 13.1.2 (13.1.2 20130105.r.224 2013/01/05:23:00:00) x64

            Operating System: Windows 8 64-bit






            Required plug-ins:



               3D Studio 13.1.2 (13.1.2 20130105.r.224 2013/01/05:23:00:00)

               Accented Edges 13.0

               Adaptive Wide Angle 13.0

               Angled Strokes 13.0

               Average 13.1.2 (13.1.2 20130105.r.224 2013/01/05:23:00:00)

               Bas Relief 13.0

               BMP 13.0

              Camera Raw 9.1.1

               Camera Raw Filter 9.1.1

               Chalk & Charcoal 13.0


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              c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

              Please read this (in particular the section titled "Supply pertinent information for quicker answers"):