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    Manage Account Access In Adobe CC

    P Fleming


      When I open  Adobe Creative Cloud from my desktop shortcut, the below window appears on the screen.

      When I click on the faceless avatar(?) at the top right corner, it opens a smaller window with my name, email address and a "manage account" option showing.

      When I click on the manage account, nothing happens.

      Should I be able to manage my account from here?

      Adobe CC.JPG


      Also, I was going to uninstall a program from my computer and when I went to do that, it shows that I have Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 installed twice in my list of programs.

      The programs are basically the same file size and the install dates are about 7 months apart.

      I didn't install Photoshop twice and even if I did, why didn't the second install override the first install?