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    Merging Adobe IDs


      Wow, this is seemingly such a tough question. No searched forum, or even Google yields an answer for this. And chat is less than worthless -- causing me to only diminish my regard to Adobe as a company. --Sorry for the rant. I'm fresh off the chat. Question:


      How does one merge multiple Adobe IDs? --IF this is even possible.


      I have to Adobe IDs, both old email addresses, that power my Adobe Digital Editions. I am able to do multiple authorizations in my Macbook Pro, but only one in my new iPad -- which leaves me with half of the books unreadable at any given time. Merging these into one, current, valid email would be wonderful.


      On my Adobe, signed-in profile, there is only the ability to add ONE email address as a secondary, which I have chosen as my one valid email, so that I can actually get communication. And the problem remains.


      And the reason that these email addresses are old in the first place? The hack on Adobe several years ago that destroyed my two prime email addresses, personal and business, with spam.


      Again, I'm sorry for the tone of this. I'm not normally this shrill, but these chat features are worthless, or worse company-image-destroying.