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    Sync Issues


           I was making an interactive animated game, and it was going well. I had made quick time events where an animation played and if the player had not pressed a button when necessary, it would stop on a frame telling them they lost. This frame would stop the music and play a sound effect. However, if the proper button was pushed in time, they would gotoAndStop onto a frame telling them that they had beaten that part of the game. I had done this flawlessly thrice in the game. On my fourth attempt, however, the music stopped before the frame stopping it would appear, the sound effect played before it should have, and if the button is pushed before the early frames appear the player is taken to the frame they should have, but the music still stops and the sound effect still plays.

           I had tried playing the scene by itself and when that happened it had worked as well as it should have. On a previous scene, I had imported a .flv file and before it was finished and stopped onto a frame with music, the music played early. The frame after the imported video does the following: stops, starts music, and has a button that leads to the next scene. It looks like the .flv file is the root of the problem, but how would I keep that file without causing these audio syncing issues?