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      I have been using illustrator draw for some time on my Samsung Galaxy A8 2015. Now adobe draw is crashing every time i try to open it.


      I uninstalled application and re-installed but it still is crashing.


      I really would like to use it! I have an illustration on it that I'm still seeing available in my mobile assets. Need to finish!

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          Michael J. Hoffman Adobe Community Professional

          Hi burakozkc,


          What version of Android are you running? Did you update the OS recently?


          Also, please let us know exactly what version of Adobe Illustrator Draw you have.




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            Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

            Hi Burakozkc,


            I've received multiple comments about crashing on the latest version (3.3.76) of Draw for Android.


            I have already sent emails to the product team about the crashing people are experiencing and will post as soon as I learn something more.


            As Michael asked, it would be helpful to know whether that's the version of the app you're using (I realize, though, that  you might not be able to open it to check).



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              Hi please i have the same problem.i use adobe draw for quite some time then it became very slow , so i updated it on play store since then i can open it again am using the 3.3.76 version

              And my androide version is 6.0.1

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                I am having the same issue. Version 3.3.76 on android 5.1.1. nexus 10. I have sent bug reports.


                The same version works fine on my nexus 6p running android 0.

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                  Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

                  HI Everyone.


                  There was an overnight fix for Draw and there's a new version of the app (v3.3.77) available in the PlayStore that hopefully will resolve the crashing you're experiencing.


                  Please install it and let me know how things are going.



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