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    Where has adobe's creativity gone?

    jac3341 Level 1

      During the past 10 years I haven't noticed any revolutionary inventions from adobe. Just some GUI redesigns here and there. What we have been getting instead, is  increased prices and lots of new additional bloatware and cloud/sync programs which attach themselves to the main program.




      Why does launching a single app requires running 12 other shady programs? You've got competition. You guys gotta prove yourselves in the coming years. Your software is starting to show its age and your increased demands regarding privacy and money is embrassive for a company which used to be the prodigy behind modern digital visions.



      Perhaps it had to do with the change of management?!

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          John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Any specific Adobe software you've got in mind?


          Most of the major titles have received dozens of major new and enhanced features - in addition to UI overhauls - in the past 10 years. Doesn't mean that all the change is good - I have my issues with some of the changes - but Adobe has hundreds of people working on their products daily.


          If you add some specific examples to the generalisations in your argument you may generate some useful discussion.

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