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    Is the trial version not as precise


      I'm just learning photoshop, but when I try to use the features, they don't seem to be working correctly.  Here is a screenshot of what will happen if I crop out this apple from the background using content aware.  I thought maybe it is because I just have the trial version?

      Screenshot 2017-10-01 08.05.13.png

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          BarbBinder Adobe Community Professional

          The trial version is exactly the same one as the licensed version, but it will stop working if you don't purchase it within seven days of the download.


          Are you trying to remove the apple, and have Photoshop replace those pixels with the background image, as if it was never there? For that, roughly select the apple and use Content Aware Fill. You'll have to come back and do some clean up with one or more of the touch-up tools.

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