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    Script Unsmart 2.0 is done

    Jarda Bereza Level 4

      I need your help with testing.

      Also check settings inside script and try different settings.


      Download: Magic scripts for Photoshop

      Please make sure that you test version 2.0

      You also must copy file lexicon inside same folder.


      Major changes:

      - completely rewritten

      - added viewless method if smart object has no layer comps

      - opening and closing SO window only once if there are multiple instances

      - better, faster and more reliable SO active composition detection

      - Unsmart can now reproduce more deformations methods

      - big performance improvements

      - better artboards support for pixel perfect results

      - mask is added automaticaly only if layers inside smartObject canvas are outside canvas


      Reproduces from SO

      - pixel mask (including: link, density, feather)

      - disabled pixel mask

      - vector mask (including: link, density, feather)

      - disabled vector mask

      - blend modes, fill, opacity

      - name

      - color tag

      - deformation, position, scale

      - layer effects scaling including shapes strokes with gradients, patterns ect.

      - moves clipped layers to the SO group

      - if SO is linked with another layes new SO group will be also linked


      Can't reproduce

      - warp

      - SO filters


      Known issues

      - some deformations can't be reproduced with text layers or smart object vector layers. Nearest similar deformation is used.

      - you might see different result if smart object has more layer comps but none is selected

      - documents may not have compatible modes e.g. bits per pixels, color mode, pixel scaling