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    Suggestion for Next version ADE for laptop


      Because the Adobe support is worthless, I propose a change in the next version of ADE to allow multiple authorizations in laptops. I have this in my Macbook pro, but not in iPad, which allows only one.


      Chat is less than worthless, referring me back here, where a posting will show for about a day, and then disappears. Even on a search, it's dropped off the face of the earth. This explains why a search for "Merge IDs" yields EVERY ONE of them being unanswered -- going back for years. --And most every other question here unanswered.


      And the reason for two ID's? Because Adobe allowed a hack which killed two different email addresses, prompting a new ID. Had I known, I would have stayed with one, non-functional email address, and not lost half my books.

      Thanks Adobe, for your placebo of a forum, and less than placebo of security. And less-than-placebo of chat.




      And now seeking a new partner.