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    Sometimes oilpaint works and sometimes it doesn't


      Hi all, 

      I have to admit I am working with less than optimal tech gear ... from what I've been able to find out, I don't believe my graphics card is supported (Intel(R) HD Graphics 520 with updated driver) and the CL is grayed out so that's not an option ...


      My question is, why was OilPaint working and now it's not??  If it was my graphics card, I'd think it would never work but it was working just a couple of days ago.  I read somewhere on here that the file must be in RGB - I checked that and it is.  I'm not working with large files either. 


      I would really appreciate if any of you might have some ideas on what I can do.  It is a super effective tool that I use for prepping ideas for paintings.


      Thanks, JF