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    Coldfusion 2016 Update 5 32 Bit JRE Update


      hello all


      i might not be the dumbest of system admins here, but i feel utterly left alone on the CF 2016 update 5 page:

      ColdFusion (2016 release) Update 5

      in there, it says JRE needs to be updated.  so far, so ok.  it say 'for 32 bit coldfusion, use 32 bit jre'.  i can also understand that.

      on this page: How to change/upgrade JDK version of ColdFusion server | Adobe ColdFusion Blog , i found on how to do that.  there is a download page linking there for downloading JRE: Java SE - Downloads | Oracle Technology Network | Oracle .  if i choose SE 8 Server JRE, i get here: Server JRE (Java SE Runtime Environment) 8 Downloads

      problem: i run coldfusion in 32 bit mode due to some older cfx tags which we still need.  on the page above, there is no 32 bit version of JRE...


      what am i supposed to do?


      thanks for any help and insights.