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    Idea about comments use in adobe acrobat pro

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      Adobe screenshot- corrections_idea.jpg

      Dear Adobe,


      This is Roland Kersten speaking, concept designer at Centagon from the Netherlands.

      I am working a lot with adobe acrobat pro. We send the client a pdf file and they return it back with comments.

      Sometimes a view, but also a lot. To see that I went to al corrections, I use the ticking tool.

      But sometimes it is difficult to see which one is done and which one is selected.

      Because it stays yellow and only the outline is to difficult to see when you have al lot of corrections.


      To improve this, my idea is simple.

      The comments stays yellow, if you select a correction box in the right bar, the comment icon in the document becomes red.

      Then it is easy to see where the comment is. When yo made the correction, you tick of the comment and the icon becomes

      green as also the comment icon in the document.

      Now it is easy to see which comment you made already, and which one not.


      I made a document to show what I mean. (Adobe idea.pdf).

      It is just an idea that would work for me, and also for other people the work with acrobat, I think…



      With kind regards,


      Roland Kersten

      Concept designer

      The Netherlands